Streets and Squares in Illerberg-Thal, Vöhringen

The Vöhringen districts of Illerberg and Thal both have urban planning and open space deficiencies in their centres. The public space is currently merely a space for traffic, without form and without identity. The starting point for the design of the two village squares are two nuanced approaches, each derived from the existing situation, and the ‚connecting brook‘ and ‚green topography‘ serve as leitmotifs for all creative interventions. public spaces are created which offer recognition value and quality of stay and which can be attractively used in everyday life as well as for events. Areas with multifunctional use are planned for markets and events and a uniform paving of natural stone connects the two districts via squares and footpaths. The traffic areas will be reduced to a minimum to create more space for the ‚short distances‘ between the two villages.