Station area Höxter-Rathaus, Höxter

The surroundings of the Höxter-Rathaus railway station are to be upgraded in terms of function and design in preparation for the Garden Show 2023 in order to meet the requirements of accessibility and user comfort as a contemporary public transport interface in the coming years. The planning for the open spaces and traffic facilities aims to achieve a robust and high-quality design in keeping with the inner-city location and the high level of use. The integration of the traffic functions, areas and necessities is carried out with restraint under the premise of optimal usability by pedestrians in the transition to the open spaces on the Weser and the inner-city areas. In keeping with the 'prominent' location on the Weser bridge and as a representative visiting card of the city of Höxter directly at the railway station, the area around the station will also be provided with a wide range of amenities. The long flight of steps between the platform and the square offers a high degree of freedom of movement and quality of stay. Street furniture and a loose arrangement of trees will create an attractive urban space whose flooring will also tie in with the high-quality natural stone flooring of the historic old town.