Altstädter Markt, Rendsburg

Rendsburg’s historic centre is characterised by the interplay of morphology and structure, historic building stock and a characteristic urban coat of clinker brick and natural stone. The dedicated concept for the Altstädter Markt provides natural stone material as well as a uniform square from façade to façade. Through the redesign and by refurbishing and reusing the existing natural stone pavement, the Altstädter Markt will be preserved and highlighted as a historic and significant square. The characteristically colourful cobblestone pavement will remain the defining element of the centre of the square. Through high-quality reworking of the material, the centre of the square will be emphasised as a stage for urban life that can be utilised in various ways, while its usability is optimised. The square will retain its typical and scaled division into an open-use centre and an edge utilised by activities in the bordering buildings.