Rote Saite Nord Seestadt Aspern, Vienna/Austria

Based on the urban development model, the public space of the Rote Saite Nord is conceived holistically and at the same time differentiated under the working title 'Sinfonie der Seestadt'. A uniform urban carpet links the entire length and width of the Rote Saite: equally usable, aging with high quality and robust for all uses. The three square spaces become places of strong identity through their design and atmospheres. They offer different, complementary offers and stimulate an urban-diverse city life:

Nelson Mandela Square - Lively prelude at the train station. Arrive, linger and observe.
Twin squares and co-creative mile - Urban city squares. Meeting places for coffee or aperitifs.
Zaha Hadid Square - Stage for city life, playground and place for celebrations with a view of the lake.