Station area Höxter-Rathaus, Höxter

Due to its proximity to the lively historic centre, its special topographical integration below the town wall and its west-facing location on the river bank, the Kulturpark has been an essential part of Strausberg’s town life for more than 50 years. The task is not to reinvent it, but to develop it further while maintaining its character. From the inviting and spacious park entrance on Wriezener Straße, two parenthetical paths lead to the sunny lakefront – the beach – through the copse and then out onto the horizon jetty on the deep blue lake. In the future, the Kulturpark will be bordered to the north and south by a loose, partly dense frame of trees. The movement between the city and the lake, always at the transition to the open park meadow, is playfully accompanied by individual trees and groups of trees. More than a backdrop, the park border serves as an active and invigorating contrast to the open and relaxed expanse of the meadow with its view of the lake.