Elsässer Platz, Wiesbaden

Starting from the valuable plane tree population, a permeable frame encloses the edges of Elsässer Platz. The street-side trees, the inwardly loosened border and the medium-high planted beds set the park apart from the surrounding traffic areas and allow the centre of the park to be experienced as an independent space. Inviting and spacious entrances link the square with the surrounding urban space. The play, activity and rest areas on the park side, which have been developed out of the framework, are covered by a loosely light wooded area. In its shade, a variety of uses can be found in interplay with attractive places 'in the meadow'. The lively neighbourhood square is an active link between the park and the neighbourhood house, the bus stops and Nettelbeckstraße as a bicycle street and neighbourhood promenade. The new neighbourhood house will make a significant contribution to neighbourhood and park life. The building, which is planned as a three-storey solitaire, accommodates service and neighbourhood functions and, placed on the south-eastern boundary of the development site, plays host to the public open space facing the neighbourhood promenade and the park.