Garden Show 2029, Rüdesheim

In its existing state, the extensive park, located on the south-facing bank of the Rhine in Rüdesheim, is spatially fragmented and overloaded with heterogeneous uses. The separating roadway of Kastanienallee and the dense layers of shrubs around the parking lots in the center of the park form spatial caesuras. The characteristic location between the stone city and the expanse of the Rhine valley is both the starting point and the guiding principle for the redesign of the park. The overriding aim is to strengthen the spatial connections right down to the depths of the parking area. A finely woven network of paths links the park centers on the city side with the avenue of plane trees and the quality of life along the Rhine promenade. The subtly hierarchized network of paths is landscaped and integrates the traffic uses on Kastanienallee, designed as a park promenade, unobtrusively in the parking space. The wide park meadows are differentiated according to their expected intensity of use: from the shady, lush meadow to the intensively used and lively open park meadow on the Rhine. The areas at the back of the park with their valuable trees and shrubs are integrated into the design and supplemented as retreats.