Weddingplatz, Berlin

Early 20th-century postcards show the gateway to Wedding marked by the red-brick neo-Gothic historic Dankeskirche. Today, car traffic along Müllerstraße is dominant, and the square lacks a variety of things. The listed new Dankeskirche, designed by Fritz Bornemann in 1970, is hidden behind bushes and double-parked cars. Still, the existing tree canopy provides the site with light shade and an adequate scale. On this basis, the tree population will be supplemented by new plantings of species suitable for the urban climate and rearranged carefully. The wide gap to the eastern development, transparent at eye level, will be closed. Under the tree canopy, the individual segments – the green church surroundings, the red Tenneplatz and the Reinickendorfer Promenade – will be brought to the fore, creating a lively and characteristic square.