Schlosspark Gedern

Places and paths that are precisely integrated into the tree population lead from the palace and palace garden via the park terraces in the landscape garden down to the mill race. The various garden terraces and squares are delicately set off in the pavement and contribute to intuitive orientation. A discreetly designed information system turns them into places along the Gedern history circuit that is to be established. The 'Castle Playground' will be a new playground and recreation area in the park that is attractive for different age groups. The garden terraces along the path invite visitors to enjoy the view, and the new kitchen garden and green classroom will be created on the site of the former tennis court. Furthermore, a near-natural bank and stream design is planned for the Mühlgraben. In the castle garden, the reddish flagstone path around the geophyte rondel will create a delicate, lush and inspiring horticultural space.