Town Centre Enger

The town center of Engers, which is characterized by its partly historic, valuable buildings and its charming landscape, will be redesigned in a restrained and appreciative manner based on the existing buildings. With all caution in dealing with the existing buildings, a fundamental and essential change is equally aimed at: With the design of the open spaces in the town center, the traffic turnaround 'can and should' become at least foreseeable on the near horizon and perhaps already tangible. If possible, a significant reduction in parking spaces should already take place with the conversion by 2025. Since this is currently not assured, the design concept provides the opportunity to produce the areas for both usage requirements accordingly, combined with the hope of being able to use the valuable inner-city areas adequately and comprehensively for public purposes in the near future. The town center of Engers will be redesigned in a sustainable, pedestrian-friendly and largely barrier-free manner. The urban space will be tidied up, traffic calmed down and thus become a high-quality, communal space for the citizens and guests of the Widukindstadt again.