State Garden Show Neuss

From the formerly "loneliest area of Graz" to a lively and sustainable square. From a hidden transit space to a social urban space. From a static image to a diverse and ever-changing ensemble. 
In everyday life in spring, in the evening in summer, in the morning in autumn and during events in winter. As an important stepping stone, the Tummelplatz connects the Main Market Square, Herrengasse, the Opera House and Graz Castle, and at the same time is an attractive urban space on the doorstep of the Akademisches Gymnasium that is nevertheless suitable for everyday use. This can be continued, the square will be rebuilt from the existing structure. Integrating the valuable tree population, a loose veil of trees plays the square between its spatial edges. Shady and sun-exposed situations are created at the edge of the new and loosely green clearing. New places to stay in the interplay with the shady roof of the veil on the one hand stage the views into the surrounding urban space and on the other hand create specific atmospheric and social places.