Wilhelmstraße Lüdenscheid

Lüdenscheid's Wilhelmstraße, with its long history as a historic trading route, is one of the first pedestrian zones in Germany. Its original design from the late 1960s was barely recognizable over the decades and could no longer be preserved or sensibly renovated. Following extensive construction work to relocate sewers and pipes, the surfaces are now being redesigned. This measure will reactivate Wilhelmstrasse as an important link between Rathausplatz and Sternplatz and Lüdenscheid's old town. In terms of materiality, the design is based on the two large town squares mentioned above, which were designed in the years up to 2011: a central slab carpet in warm gray granite, the eaves areas in paving. A central drainage strip leads tactilely through the partly narrow street profile, which is completely free of fittings: restraint in all details. Only around the Inselhaus is there more space, where the carousel square with a few existing trees and loosely placed furniture forms a lively urban space at the gates of the old town. 

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