Village Centre Bizau/Austria

The village centre of Bizau in the Bregenzerwald is currently characterised by the great land consumption of resting and passing traffic. A design corresponding to the historical and social significance of the village square is missing. Therefore, a fundamental rearrangement of the public spaces has been proposed. The superordinate potentials, the surrounding landscape, the history of the Bregenzerwald and the identification of the residents with their village are taken into consideration as well as the uses and facilities surrounding the square: the primary school, the parish church, a library, the Konsum market, the restaurants and shops. The future parking space arrangement alongside the streets will create a space mostly free of traffic. It will be freely and variably usable as a break area for the primary school and as a meeting point for residents and guests of the village. The visual connection to the Kanisfluh panorama will be showcased: Two large-format square benches will provide an ideal view into the distance while integrated into the square. A loose grove will reinforce the square towards the street. A level fountain (the “Bizauer Bitz”) will generate vigour without limiting the square's usability in everyday life as well as for events. The preliminary survey was carried out in the spring of 2019 and coordinated on-site; it will serve as the basis for further political determination.