Rote Saite Nord in the Seestadt Aspern, Vienna/Austria

The design of public urban spaces in new districts and neighborhoods repeatedly confronts us with the complex challenge of designing this 'blank sheet' in a way that is both identity-forming and suitable for everyday use. Intuitively usable for all, livable for all, diverse in its usability and appropriateness. Based on the urban development model, the public space of the Rote Saite Nord is conceived as a whole and at the same time differentiated under the working title 'Sinfonie der Seestadt' . A unified urban carpet links the entire length and width of the Rote Saite: equally usable, aging with high quality and robust. The three plaza spaces become strong identity places on the Rote Saite through their differentiated design and independent atmospheres. They offer different, complementary offers and stimulate an urban-diverse city life.