Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur




Ideas competition, one 1st prize
The necessary technical renewal of the Südschnellweg gives a chance to think about the future development of traffic, urban pattern and open space inbetween the urban district of Hannover-Döhren and the wide landscape area of the Ricklinger Kiesteiche (former gravel quarrying). The preservation of the flood-prevention and ecological landscape functions are the basis for a minimal-invasive concept in this part. At the same time the unique chance to reorganize the heterogeneous area inbetween the Südschnellweg and the more northern S-train tracks is taken. A new and dense urban development is based on the decision for an underground traffic infrastructure. New and exisiting open-space connections in North-South and East-West direction are strengthened. The specific chracteristics of the landscape around the Ricklinger Kiesteiche and the dense and lively quarter of Döhren are the basis for a differentiated strategy:

I Reduction of interventions by keeping the line of the Südschnellweg, one sided enlargement
II Permeability - Qualification of the underpathes and bridges (wide and height)
III Punctual interventions along the lakesides and in the existing path network

Urban space
I Connection replaces separation - Tunnel between Schützenallee and Wiener Straße
II Development of urban potentials - new quarter between Willmerstraße and S-train station
III Lively Neighbourhood - Central park space for the surrounding quarter
Urban planning, Public Space, Infrastructure
580.000 sqm
Roads and Transport Authority of Lower Saxony
Project Team
Lasse Malzahn, Janina Gäckler, Gerda Berger
In Cooperation with
Stadt Land Fluss Urban planning, Hoffmann Leichter Engineers