Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur


Strandbadareal and Thalerareal


Realisation Competition, 1st prize
The proposal originates in an understanding of the different harbour basins as a sequence of singular open spaces, each of them with their own atmosphere and specific features. Running from the north to the south, one can find the Auhafen; a big basin with soft edges and lavish green, then the Zollhafen; a harbour basin surrounded by quay walls and shipyard activities, ending with the Sporthafen; a basin with soft embankments and surrounded by parks. The variety of this sequence is seen as a mayor quality and is reinforced by the design proposal.
Clearing and developing the site allows broad views from the centre towards the ‚Binnenbecken’, the vast basin to the west. The layout of a harbour promenade and the positioning of the new building at its end underlines the maritime character of the Zollhafen and makes a contrast to the soft grass bank to the sports harbour at its southern side. A new harbour square stretches between the Binnenbecken, the Zollhafen and the Sporthafen. The new building makes up the northern limit to this square and is conceived as a strong solitary building. All central functions of the open air pool, as well as the harbourmasters office, public sanitary installations and a ‘lake restaurant’ are integrated in this building. In the pool area a sequence of small and low pavilions are laid out along a promenade on the eastern shore of the peninsula. They shape a spatial frame and backbone for the pool lawns. The yacht club concludes the sequence at its northern side.
Public Space, Promenade, Architecture
100.000 sqm
Harder Sport- und Freizeitanlagen BetriebsgesmbH / Municipality of Hard
Project Team
Janina Gäckler, Leon Giseke, Luisa Hansel, Selva Dietzfelbinger, Frederik Springer
In Cooperation with
Jan Derveaux Architect