Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur


Innovationsachse Immenburgstrasse


Realisation competition, 1st prize
The design of the Immenburgstraße as ‚Innovationsachse‘ and new promenade is an initial and essential part of the development of Bonn’s Weststadt. The rough atmosphere of the site is seen as a characteristic potential which is further developed in the design. Flexibility and adaptability on urban, spatial and detail scale is the motive for all further interventions aiming for an innovation-friendly space and identity. In addition to the existing and the ongoing amount of heavy car traffic, the Immenburgstraße is going to play an important role in the city’s bike-network through the to bridges linking it to the innercity and the university campus Emdenich. Combining these two types of traffic in one space - an homogenous asphalt material for the promenade is foreseen and differentiated by precise interventions as kerbs, markings, and surface treatments. The combined setting with the two-direction-bike lane and a wide pedestrian stripe aligned by an alley of pioneer trees (Betula, Acer, Robinia) creates a well-spaced profile which can adapt the dimension of the traffic dominated Immenburgstraße.
Public Space, Streets and Squares
20.000 sqm
NEWest Initiative in agreement with the City of Bonn
Project Team
Leon Giseke, Jan Ole Rolfes
In Cooperation with
FPB Traffic Engineers, Anselm von Held Light Design