Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur


Grossfestung Koblenz


Realisation competition, 1st prize
The city-wide spread parts of the Großfestung Koblenz and their open spaces are part of the UNESCO world heritage. With a specific open space design the perceptibility of the monuments and their potential for the city's public space should be strengthened. The multilayered significance of the fortress, which is still fragmented ensemble, is starting point for the design of three different sites related to it (Fort Asterstein, Fortress Emperor Franz, Fort Konstantin). The image of the functional fortification forms ‚only‘ one component of the concept: Vacancy and Re-use, Deconstruction and Succesion, Transformation and Rediscovery are part of the site’s history and become part of the concept for the future development. History not as a snapshot in time, but as a process of perpetuation.
Especially Fortress Emperor Franz and Fort Asterstein offer great potential to form essential links in the city's open space network. The concept for these sites is not reconstruction - but the linkage of the different layers of history in robust and future-orientated history parks.
Public Space, Park
180.000 sqm
City of Koblenz
Project Team
Janina Gäckler, Malgorzata Stryjek, Lasse Malzahn, Jan Ole Rolfes
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