Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur


Development Stellingen


Urban planning competition, 3rd prize
The proposed urban strategy is based on an understanding of the urban context as a heterogeneous, but likewise harmonious surrounding with its urban and open space potentials. The site at the „Sportplatzring“ offers in itself as well as on its edges varying density and qualities. The dense old tree population in the north, the open central part based on the former sports fields and the loud and highly frequented street „Südlicher Sportplatzring“ in the south. To react to this contextual variance – a differentiation into three different urban fields – each one with a specific interpretation of the site and a therefore developed morphology - is proposed: FOREST / FIELD / RING.
A dense and at the same time permeable urban setting along the Sportplatzring defines the new front of the quarter and formulates a buffer against the heavy traffic noise (RING). A green garden-quarter with „Stellingen-like“ varied linear building structure forms the central part (FIELD). In the dense given tree setting in the northern part, three block-sized-neighbourhoods around community-court-yards are defined. The preservation of the existing trees is therefore the first design premise (FOREST). An open park connects the three quarters in North-South direction and offers path connections into the surrounding urban context.
The new public neighbourhood building, combining differentiated public life, forms the architectural completion of the park to the south.
Urbanism, Public Space
73.000 sqm (BGF 76.000 sqm)
City of Hamburg, District of Eimsbüttel
Project Team
Luisa Hansel, Janina Gäckler, Leon Giseke, Luisa Hansel
In Cooperation with
Jan Derveaux Architect